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A few years ago at the Billy Graham Training Center Dr. Henry Blackaby was asked a simple question concerning the future of America. The following statement by Dr. Blackaby gained the attention of all who listened and eventually was published by Dr. James Dobson in his September newsletter. I’d like to share his striking reply with you:

"If you put the U.S. up against the Scriptures, we're in trouble."

"I think we're very close to the judgment of God. The problem of America is not the unbelieving world. The problem of America is the people of God. You see, right now there are just as many divorces in the churches as outside the churches. There are just as many abortions inside the churches as outside the churches. There's only a one percent difference in gambling inside the churches as outside the churches. George Barna did a survey of 152 separate items comparing the lost world and the churches, and he said there is virtually no difference between the two. So we have brokenness in the churches [and] no reconciliation. I hope if you didn't hear anything else that comes from this conference, that you will understand that it's God's people who hold the destiny of America. Don't fuss at the world. It's acting just like its nature. We've got to be salt and light again. We've got to have an observable difference. So God's attention right now is on His own people, and if I gave one statement, it would be, "The future of America rests in our hands.”

Dr. Dobson writes, “Sadly, I believe Dr. Blackaby's assessment of America is entirely accurate. We, the followers of Christ, have forgotten our mission on this earth. If revival is to occur, it will begin within the household of faith, and if not there, then judgment on this nation is likely, perhaps in our lifetime.”

I personally hope that these two men are wrong. However, deep down in my heart, I sense that they are right. However, may I introduce a clarifying thought? In my opinion, our failure as God’s people is not rooted in the evil that we have performed and participated in, but in the good we have failed to perform. It is my observation that for too long the church in America has focused on the “Don’ts” (do not commit adultery, do not lie, and do not steal) and has failed to point out that these behaviors usually seep into our lives following our decision to not “Do” the positive commands taught in Scripture.

In my opinion, our biggest failure has been our unwillingness to be reconciled, to overcome evil with good, to make disciples, to share the gospel, and to associate with the lowly, etc. God hasn’t left us here on earth just “not” to do the bad things taught to us in His Word. He has called us to be proactive…Doers of the Word (James 1:22-25).

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