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In an attempt to address key areas of interest and concerns, we have published a number of pamphlets and booklets.

God's Will Made Simple
How can I know God’s will for my life? Why am I so confused about what God wants to accomplish through me? Is there a way I can deal with God’s will once and for all? Or must I always be filled with these feelings of uncertainty and doubt? Why doesn’t God just come out and clearly state what His will is? This pamphlet addresses these questions and answers them in a concise and Biblical way. To receive a free copy of this booklet just email us at and we will get one right out to you.

Bedrock for Ministry:
As laborers of God it is important to return to the foundational principles that will lead us to truly successful ministry. For it is certain that we cannot intelligently become part of the means He uses to accomplish His aims unless we first orient ourselves to His basic principles of operation. His purpose, plan and pattern must become our basis, else what we build cannot please Him. This booklet is an attempt to sketch some important aspects of the "bedrock" upon which is built the ministry that pleases God.

Money Management: Biblical Guidelines for Stewardship and Giving
Money management is primarily a matter of learning how to make sound decisions regarding our possessions and money. The booklet attempts to outline the clear Biblical concepts that are truth for God's people in the New Testiment. Topics such as ownership, spending, borrowing, saving, tithing and investing are addressed in a concise and practical way.

"Walking With God": An eight week discipleship series
This eight week spiritual journey is designed to draw our attention to the fundamentals of knowing God and His Son Jesus Christ. Personal discovery from God’s Word is the method used. The material is formatted for use with a small group or in a one-on-one type relationship. It covers topics such as “Making Jesus Lord of your Life”, “Living By Faith”, and “Having Victory Over Sin”.

To receive a copy of any of these booklets please feel free to contact us. We do not charge for any of these resources. Email
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Quest Booklets