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Do you want to impact this world, your nation, your community and your friends and family?  Then learn to integrate the sharing of the gospel into your everyday life—God's Word says, nothing is more powerful than changing a heart. 

I believe that one of the key reasons why we can be ineffective at reaching into the hearts of of people is because we aren’t following the instruction manual.  We are ignoring not only the example of Jesus in dealing with self-righteous people, but also the clear instructions of the Apostle Paul and the rest of the New Testament writers. There are a number of teachings regarding the sharing of the gospel and also many examples given to us by Jesus and the Apostles.  We’ve managed, in the church today, to ignore many of them and that’s part of the reason why we are missing out on the harvest. Be more effective in sharing your faith:  The use of God's commands in sharing your faith.


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