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Thank you for seeking to become more focused about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.  The following tours are designed to encourage and inspire you to share Christ more often and with greater clarity.

Navigate through the following tours to gain inspiration through examples from Christian history, Scripture, and personal testimonies.  The tours will also provide helpful principles to assist you as you strive to overcome the fears and doubts that oftentimes deter Christians from sharing with unbelievers.

Don't let your voice be silent any longer, be inspired today to share the truth of Jesus Christ with those who are lost...

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As you read through this tour our goal is to inspire you through history, Scripture, examples and reason.

Do you think that God can bring real change into your life? Into your community? Into our nation? Many believe it’s too late to see a real change in our culture at large. Some say, "Our nation and people have strayed too far from God to ever return and be blessed again." Do you believe that? I hope not!  Admittedly, there are times when all of us begin to wonder whether we have degenerated beyond hope.

However, I must return to what Jesus said...with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). Yes...our God is big enough to save and desirious enough to bless His children and the nations they live in.

I believe in a God who brings change—dramatic change to individuals, communities, and even to an entire culture and nation. He has done it in the past and is willing to do it again.

Whenever I doubt God's willingness to bring renewal and restoration to our nation, I remind myself of the many revivals that have taken place throughout American history. For example, in the year 1905, the ministers of Atlanta Georgia were unable to identify more than 50 unconverted adults with the cities' population of 50,000 people.  Around the same time that Atlanta was experiencing revival, the Spirit of God moved so dramatically in Wales that judges were presented with white gloves: they had no cases to try. No rapes, no robberies, no murders, no burglaries, no embezzlements, nothing! The District Consuls held meetings to discuss what to do with the police. Scripture teaches us that God continually longs for His children to turn back to Him. We can be a part of the solution and turn back to God ourselves. If we are willing we can be used by the Lord to convict our fellow believers to do the same. Only then will He choose to pour out His mercy and grace upon our nation. (1 Peter 4:17)

Tens of millions of Americans are open to a set of spiritual truths that will set them free from the shackles of worldliness.”

Many futurists believe that we are headed for a spiritual awakening in America. George Barna of the Barna Research Group observes, “Our surveys consistently detect a large (and growing) majority of adults who are dissatisfied and searching for something more meaningful to live for than bigger homes, fatter paychecks, trimmer bodies, and more erotic affairs.

Newsweek magazine recently featured an article on the spiritual awakening in America. They concluded that the “search for meaning is a powerful motivation for the return to the pews. In the final analysis this spiritual hunger is the fruit of prayer. Across the country individuals, small groups, and churches are gathering to pray for revival -- and God is answering! "

Church history clearly indicates that every great revival in the history of the modern world has been grounded in an explosion of prayer and evangelism. In the words of Jesus Christ, “the fields…are ripe for harvest” (John 4:35). Together, may we seize the day of opportunity for the glory of God and for our nation’s blessing



Be Inspired