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Hans Christian Andersen tells of the emperor who loved new clothes. This emperor so admired modeling new robes that he spent all of his time in his dressing room. In fact, he had little concern for anything else in his kingdom.  

One day two swindlers came to town announcing they were weavers of the finest clothes imaginable. Their royal colors and fabrics, they claimed, were exceptionally stunning. In fact, they were of such quality that they were only visible to the finest few! Those who were unfit for their office or were hopelessly stupid would not be able to see them at all.

The emperor was immediately taken by this description and provided the weavers with large amounts of money. He wanted to know those who were unfit for their posts, and he also wanted to see the foolish and the clever within his empire. Yet when the emperor went to try on the garments, he was most distraught to realize that it was he who saw nothing at all. But the king would not admit his stupidity or incompetence; he would not let anyone think him a fool. He announced that the cloth was very beautiful, and all the courtiers rapidly agreed. In a great procession the next day, everyone spoke in admiration of the emperor’s new clothes. They loved the detail! The colors were beautiful! The garments were like no other, they said. But then from the back of the crowd a child spoke up, observing what the rest would not: The emperor was wearing nothing.

Imagine finding out that the one thing you have desperately attempted to keep, veiled in secrecy, was not actually veiled at all. The thought bears the unsettling sense of finding yourself unclothed before a crowded room. Would you feel foolish? Would you run and hide? Or would you insist the veil was still there? Andersen ends with a glimpse into the mind of the king: “The words of the child made a deep impression upon the emperor, for it seemed to him that they were right. But he thought to himself regardless, ‘Now I must bear up to the end.’” Idols are not easy to own up to; how much more so, when what we idolize is not really there in the first place.

There are many in our culture who have sought to clothe themselves with empty philosophies of the day,  and the failing philosophies of the past. It has failed to clothe them with confidence and satisfaction. But instead of admitting it, they are determined to play their role and join the adult crowds. They play the game and lie to themselves and to others. Are you being taken captive by these lies? The obvious lies are easy to see and identify, but there are also hidden lies that slowly undermine the truth of God. Have you taken the time to honestly and simply look at their answers? The “noble and intelligent” claim to have the solutions to our questions but have little to no evidence of what they claim.