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In our quest to impact the lives around us we are excited and humbled by their stories. We thank each one of them for taking the time to allow us to share a little part of their's with you. 

"Quest Ministries is all about investing in people through discipleship, evangelism and caring enough to ask the tough questions." read story>

              Mike Rienholdson - Retired, Chevron


"Quest Ministries is dedicated to training Christians to learn, understand, and share their faith. Too many Christians dedicate themselves to earth-side rewards. Let Quest rescue you from the wasted life. Pay the price and get involved. You will be satisfied and God will be glorified."

            Jim Thurber - Director, Walk Through the Bible


"Sometimes I feel like taking the easy way our or the lazy way out and just listen to the opinions of men—but Dave just doesn’t let us do that. He is constantly encouraging us to be Bereans and to check out the Scriptures for ourselves." read more>

              Breeann Zeller - Musician


"When I learned that God wanted us to use our minds and to think through His ideas it got me excited" read story>

              Victoria Larson - College Student


"Dave has challenged me to think about truth and to think about sharing it with others too. He has trained me to talk with people and to think about how to naturally make those transitions that lead to meaningful and life changing conversations." see story

                Mario Gonzales - Medical Worker


"My wife and I were college students when a mutual friend of ours invited us to Dave's house. We met Dave and his family that evening. What impressed us most about him was his sincerity and honesty about sharing the Gospel. It was very refreshing and compelling. We both feel that we walked away that night with tools that have made us more bold and loving in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ"

                Matt and Elsie Winheim - Math Teachers


"As a new believer I needed someone to help me figure out how to live the Christian life and Dave helped me to do that."  read story>

                 Jacob Cornell - Musician


"There are so many who are willing to just go along with the Christian crowd and be followers of a particular church but Dave challenged us to look to the Word and to become men and women who live based on what we are convinced the Scriptures teach." read more>

                 Pattty McCLure - School Administrator


" I use to think that I could find meaning and purpose with my friends, drinking all the time, spending money, or jumping out of air planes as an Army Ranger. But all those things left me empty"... read more>

                 Mike Rongstad - Retired Army Ranger / Ad Executive  


 "He not only teaches this but is personally living it out as well. Many times I hang with Dave because it gives me a sounding board for theology and practical ministry." read more

                 Curtis Lewis - College Soccer Coach, The Masters College


"There are many people out there that you may call friends, but to have a brother in the Lord to keep you on tract is priceless. I count Dave as one of my precious blessings from the Lord."see story>

                Cindy Hallen - Mom and Local Business Owner