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We view each donation to the ministry as a gift from God. He has made an investment in us, through you, with the aim of reaching the lost for His glory. We commit to you that we will not only be good stewards (managers) of your investment, but that we will report back to you twice each year, describing how we used His resources to accomplish the goal of reaching the lost and leading them into Christlikeness.

Thank you for considering contributing to the ministry of Quest. There are a number of ways that you can make a contribution:
Cash donation through the mail
Cash donation through online banking
Donate through Paypal

Vehicle donations
Union dues transfers
Non cash donations

Over the years, the board members of Quest have thoughtfully and prayerfully developed a conviction about fundraising that we believe best fits Scripture. In America today we see three main approaches to fundraising among Christian organizations, one of which you will never see coming from us.

Level One: Only pray and trust the Lord to provide.
Level Two: Pray and make our needs known and trust the Lord to provide.
Level Three: Pray, make our needs known, and personally appeal for support and then trust the Lord to provide.

When it comes to financial issues, we have already publicly committed to stay at level 2. This means that we will never appeal to you for donations, or ask you directly, or anyone else for financial assistance. We hold to this position simply because we believe that the Lord owns it all anyway and can easily redistribute His resources. To be perfectly frank…God has proven Himself faithful to provide in this way for over 14 years, why should we change now.

All contributions given to “Quest Ministries” are fully tax deductible and are receipted semi-annually. Quest is a 501c(3) non-profit religious corporation.

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