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We desire that all donations be given without any feelings of pressure or compulsion. Because of this, we have chosen not to put any undo pressure on our Quest family by directly requesting financial support. To keep people informed of the ministry's financial need, a quarterly update of our financial status is given in our newsletter. At the end of every calendar year, we also send out to those who support the ministry an overview of our expenses, including salaries and all contributions received. Please pray with us that God would meet the financial needs of the ministry and that we will remain wise and gracious stewards of the funds we do receive.

People often ask questions concerning the financial aspects of the ministry. The following is an attempt to answer three of the most often asked questions.

Where does your financial support come from? 

Salaries are not paid by any outside organization. All ministry expenses for Quest, including staff salaries is raised through contributions. 92% of the financial support of Quest Ministries comes through individuals who believe in the ministry and the impact of Quest here in the Antelope Valley.

How is Quest Ministries’ budget determined?

The budget is established by the Board of Directors, including staff salaries. The budget includes business expenses (office supplies, phone, postage, printing, and computer) and ministry expenses (books, materials, conferences, meals and travel). The board determines salaries based upon family size and needs. Health insurance is also provided. Whenever a financial shortfall occurs, expenses are always paid first and salaries are then paid when funds become available.

What are your financial needs?


The Board of Directors has set our budget at $7,100 per month. This level of monthly contributions is needed to meet Dave's and Christopher's salaries and the basic operating expenses of the ministry.

To learn more about supporting Quest Ministries go to support the ministry.


Support Approach